Our Team

  • Alexander Brown thumbnail

    Alexander Brown

    Alex Brown serves as President of Realty Capital Residential (RCR). read more »

  • Richard A. Myers thumbnail

    Richard A. Myers

    Richard Myers founded Realty Capital in 1987 to acquire, develop, own and manage investment-grade commercial and residential real estate projects. read more »

  • James W. Archie thumbnail

    James W. Archie

    Jimmy Archie joined Realty Capital in 1997 and has been an integral part of land acquisition and development for a number of the company’s commercial properties. read more »

  • Tim S. Coltart thumbnail

    Tim S. Coltart

    Tim Coltart is responsible for reviewing and selecting land acquisition and development opportunities for Realty Capital to pursue. read more »

  • Zachary Conley thumbnail

    Zachary Conley

    Zack Conley joined Realty Capital Residential in 2019 and works in all stages of the development process. read more »

  • Kyle Cooper thumbnail

    Kyle Cooper

    Kyle Cooper is licensed architect in the State of Texas and serves as a Development Manager for Realty Capital Residential. read more »
  • Abbey Glass thumbnail

    Abbey Glass

    Abbey Glass joined Realty Capital in 2018 and is the Director of Marketing. read more »

  • Kelly Vance thumbnail

    Kelly Vance

    Kelly Vance is responsible for the company’s financial transactions and reporting for over 50 partnerships, as well as the Office Manager and handles all HR responsibilities. read more »

  • Sarah Brown thumbnail

    Sarah Brown

    Sarah joined Realty Capital in 2021 and serves as a Property & Development Manager. read more »